Our 5Ps Model

Plantations, Processing, Products, People, Partnerships

Our 5Ps Model

Our value proposition is modeled using 5Ps – Plantations, Processing, Products, People, Partnerships

The Plantation
We pride ourselves in the ability to develop none-food energy crops. This is a perennial and none-invasive giant king grass and other renewable crops based on evaluations of climatic and soil conditions as well as required products based on market needs per site. This crop has three further benefits:
(1) higher yield per hectare than first generation bio-fuels
(2) Can grow on marginal or contaminated lands using bio-fertilisers without any pesticides
(3) It can use waste effluents for irrigation.

The Processing
The harvested bio-mass is processed in our proprietary and high conversion bio-refinery by the use of unique anaerobic digesters. The produced bio-gas is upgraded to fuel grade bio-methane.

The Products
Our primary products are renewable energy and renewable chemicals – this includes bio-methane or synthetic natural gas also know as renewable natural gas; renewable bio-ethanol (none-food); renewable bio-ethylene; green hydrogen; green electricity; green polymers and plastics and green fertilisers including renewable bio-fertilizer and renewable urea. Each product is produced based on the needs of the customers and markets. For example “clean gas is used for both power generation and green automotive fuel that is similar in physical and thermodynamic properties to fossil fuel derived natural gas. Our target per discreet site is to produce 1,000,000 GJ per year of fuel grade bio-methane from a 1,000 hectare plantation, enough to power a small town Randfontein or up 15 000 gas-powered cars!.

The People
People are key to everything we do. Our objective is to create a lasting legacy for our stakeholders. The biggest benefit is job creation through innovative technology application and integration of market, resources and skills. We estimate that when our full vision is delivered we will have impacted more than 10,000 lives directly.

The Partnerships
We have developed strong and mutually beneficial relationships with technology partners and some funding partners. The unique value proposition of new auto energy is the proven ability to seamlessly integrate various technology’s and partners to deliver one vision. We share the vision of using the energy market and growing demand to generate a supplier industry in Southern Africa for all our equipment and technology solutions via the development of manufacturing hubs and assembly plants for all our equipment.
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