Renewable Natural Gas – BioMethane

Fuel Grade BioEthanol

from none-food crops


from waste water

Innovative Bio Polymers

BioEthylene from renewable energy crops

Beneficiation of mine contaminated lands

About Us

Newautoenergy Pty Ltd delivers innovative green energy – production, consumption and distribution solutions to the South African and global markets. As an environmentally conscious organisation solutions focus on beneficial use of indigenous energy resources – by developing, building, owning, financing and operating bio-refineries.

Founded in 2012, Newautoenergy Pty Ltd’s team and partners possess advanced experience in design, operations and marketing experience in energy and petrochemical production; energy crops plantations; waste management solutions; power generation; bio-mass and bio-methane and automotive vehicles conversion to gas.

We pride ourselves in finding critical solutions that sustain and develop humanity and the environment, solves problems and take humanity forward. Green is the future of energy and a major driver of tomorrow’s economy. The South African economy heavily relies on imported energy which pose  significant pollution levels. Our bio-refinery solutions reduce dependence on imported energy in an environmentally acceptable and sustainable manner.

NewAutoEnergy is driven by innovation and green revolution to meet basic needs of humanity in a clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly way. The company was established by Mr Alfred Seema, a chemical engineer with additional business qualifications. The founding vision was to ensure that local resources should be explored and exploited to the fullest to meet the growing need for energy and chemicals – thus the five P’s model:

  • PLANTATIONS: what can nature deliver from the soil for chemicals and energy processing.
  • PROCESSING: How can we process what the soil delivers into energy and chemical.
  • PRODUCTS: Produce similar but renewable products based on customers expectations and requires.
  • PEOPLE: Develop and identify opportunities of mutual benefit for and with all stakeholders (landowners, workers, customers, suppliers, engineers and scientists, regulators,financiers, communities and other interested and affected parties ) to develop a business and most importantly create legacy that all stakeholders can be proud of.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: Who is critical to provide the land and water resources, processing technology providers and products customers.

The NewAutoEnergy executive team has over sixty years cumulative experience in petrochemical and energy projects and operations – spanning project development, engineering, techno-economic motivation for mega projects, facility operations, marketing and financing of various energy and petrochemical projected and businesses.